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There’s no such thing as too much good fabric! 

It isn’t easy resisting what you love so much.  That’s why TFG makes it easy for you to pick your favorite threads at a price that makes you fall in love with us, every single time. 

The Fabric Guys love people who love to pick up more of what we’ve got in stock for you. If you’re one of those, then that makes you our #bff. Now, we don't need to remind you that special friends get special treatment. These include pre-launch booking previews, priority deliveries and secret-attic rates that are given to you when you buy fabrics in bulk from TFG.

There’s more. Our agreement doesn’t end when you’re done shopping, at least that’s not what best friends do. In your case, we invite you right into our haven. We can’t explain what it feels like to be surrounded with yards and yards of fabrics, meticulously sourced, just for you. And just in case you’re getting lazy, then we come to you. Occasionally we also get some well-baked cookies that are known to make conversations a tad bit longer. All about our love for fabric of course! 

Ready to play with lots of fabrics? Fill this form and let us know where and when we can catch up.