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We started out like any other fabric store but with one difference; what we brought to the table. In a matter of a few months, our unique and handpicked range made us the ‘go-to’ people for fabrics, amongst designers and boutiques across the UK. But it didn't end there. The word spread. People from all walks of life were noticing our collections. We started getting enquiries from local designers, home furnishing experts, hobbyist and fabric enthusiasts, which led us to believe that its time that our haven should open its doors to fabric lovers beyond professional and specialised fabric retail stores.


That’s when we all got together and formally conceptualized The Fabric Guys; an online boutique of assorted fabrics that have been sourced by people who understand what it means to be in love with fabric.


Fun fact: We didn't come up with this name. This is what our customers call us. We figured; it's best we stick to calling ourselves “The Fabric Guys”. Talk about being by the people, for the people!


Back to business, with TFG you can now buy fabrics that have been handpicked by our in-house global merchandisers who scour alleys of India, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Middle East in search of products with unique lineage. Our creative department sources the best seasonal quilting ranges, and works year round to stay true to British design and heritage.  Simply put, TFG brings you fabrics that come to you direct from its source, certifying its authenticity and ensuring that you get your hands on something that is worth every thread. 


Our online boutique offers fabrics that exuberate exquisite prints, luxurious feels, organic elements, seasonal blocks, designer collections and more. We have done our bit to inspire you. We can’t wait to see what you pick and make out of it.


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